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Ever heard of new words like blockchain, cryptocurrency, airdrop, bitcoin, atrium, token, and so on? If you have heard, you may be interested in reading this article which explains the concepts related to cryptocurrencies and earning money from airdrops.

Make money from AirDrop

* How to make money from airdrops is very interesting *

If you have ever owned one or more digital wallets, such as the Atrium ETH wallet, you may sometimes encounter tokens that have been credited to your account and you do not know how to get them. But do not worry, with a little research on that token, you will find out where it was deposited into your account, and this is an effective step for the right marketing for businesses in the blockchain platform. In this way, in addition to searching them on Google and making it valid, you will talk about it with your friends and they will achieve the desired results with cheap tokens. So do not worry about tokens. But in the continuation of this article, we want to get acquainted with the basic concepts of this type of business and learn how to know the best AirDrop and earn money from AirDrop. But before examining airdrops and how to make money from airdrops, we need to get acquainted with the basic concepts:
How to make dollars
What is blockchain and how does blockchain work?

The word block consists of two main parts, block and chain. This technology is actually an interconnected chain of blocks. In fact, it is a kind of system for recording reports and operations and transactions, with the difference compared to the past that activities are performed in encrypted form but are generally available to subscribers and the possibility of deleting and changing them is practically impossible due to its encryption. Is. Knowing what the Chinese block is will help you make more money from AirDrop. In the following, we will explain the concept of China block with an example.

* The relationship between blockchain and earning money from airdrops *

In traditional and sometimes modern businesses, general ledgers are used to record all reports and transactions. You enter whatever you spend or receive. Balance, debt, credit and all your financial items are visible. Blockchain works exactly like head offices. In fact, in each block, you record your information from transactions and reports, and all of these reports continue in a chain and continuous manner. This means that if you register new information, new information will be visible in one section and all previous information in the other section will be encrypted. This means that you can not easily delete or modify past information because you have to do many mathematical equations that are practically impossible and the possibility of fraud in this way is impossible.
Familiarity with some cryptocurrencies to monetize airdrops

Before explaining what AirDrop is and how to make money from AirDrop, here are some important cryptocurrencies:

Bitcoin: Bitcoin was introduced as the first cryptocurrency in the world, which had almost no value at the beginning of its arrival, but gradually, as people became familiar with this type of currency, Bitcoin also gained added value and became unique in this context. Bitcoin was created by Satoshi Nakamoto and can be identified by the abbreviation BTC.

LightCoin: LightCoin is another digital currency that, like Bitcoin, allows peer-to-peer exchanges. LightQueen was created by Charlie Lee and can be identified by the acronym LTC.

Atrium: Atrium has actually been introduced as the second cryptocurrency on the Chinese blockchain platform. Vitalik Butrin Russian is the creator of this currency and you can identify this currency with the abbreviation code ETH. Most tokens are deposited in the Atrium or ETHERWALLET wallet.

Dodge Quinn: Another successful decentralized digital currency these days is the Dodge Quinn. Dodge Coin is a highly secure copy of Bitcoin. The currency was created by Billy Marcus and Jackson Palmer in 2013 and can be identified by the acronym CODE.
About airdrops

Airdrop was originally a wartime activity. In war-torn areas, aid planes flew food and supplies to people in packages attached to umbrellas, and this activity was called airdrop.

Iradrap in cryptocurrencies means offering and assigning free tokens to people who own one of the digital currency accounts. This is actually a kind of advertisement and introduction of a special Chinese block. This is almost an emerging activity and does not yet follow certain rules. One of the main reasons this method is used for advertising is to become cheap in exchange for raising awareness about a new cryptocurrency. Typically, these tokens are rewarded to loyal users in exchange for their activity and introduction of the Chinese blockchain to other people.
Full access to wallet

ERC-20 = A platform on the Atrium platform for developers

Scam = Scam

Verify = verification

KYC = Identification

Referral = subset

IP = Internet server address

Make money with airdrops

One of the newest ways to get free tokens is to work in AirDrop. If you are one of the people who are interested in working in this field and you have enough time to work, trying to collect free tokens from suitable blockchains and earn dollars and somehow earn money from airdrops can be attractive for you. Making money from airdrops is not a complicated task. All you have to do is have an account connected to Gmail and have an account on virtual pages such as Telegram, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and تا to do some activities. In fact, the challenge before you is to introduce the Chinese block that will give you its token.

Make money from AirDrop

* Making money from airdrops is easy to drink *

These tokens initially have different values, which are usually a few cents, but you sometimes receive up to a few thousand tokens for these activities, which in some cases can reach $ 300 to $ 400. In the future, after the end of your activity, the tokens will be credited to your digital currency account, such as Etherwallet, and you can convert them into cash through online exchanges. Normally, the duration of activity in an airdrop depends on the request of the relevant blockchain. Making money from airdrops also depends on how active you are.
How to cash in our received tokens?

As we mentioned in the previous section, earning money from AirDrops is not a difficult and complicated task, you have to be patient after your activity until the time expires and after a short time, the tokens will be credited to your account. Now the fundamental question is how to convert tokens into cash?

Once you have received your tokens in your wallet, you can go to online exchange sites such as Bainance and و and trade your tokens converted into Atrium currency. In these exchanges, such as the stock exchange, there are many people to hear your offer price and buy them. Now, depending on the other person's condition, whether they are Iranian or non-Iranian, you can receive your money and deliver their currency. Do not forget that these exchange offices charge you a commission, and you should be careful to refer to reputable exchange offices so that earning money from airdrops does not become a bitter memory for you.

Click here for more information on how to buy and sell digital currency.
Are there any scams when earning money from airdrops?

Yes, of course, every business that starts, whether traditional or web-based, has always had different risks and threats. Regardless of the fact that operating on airdrops in the context of the Chinese blockchain is not normally very risky and its security is almost guaranteed, but since the existence of humans can still pose a threat to us, we must be more careful in doing business. Pay for this space and earn money from AirDrop. You should note that there are websites or applications that start publishing their activities under the name of AirDrop in order to be able to have a larger statistical community to make money from selling information or with various tricks. Get your digital accounts. But with a little more care, profiteering and scams in airdrops can be prevented. For example, never register the private key of your digital currency account anywhere, use hardware wallets, refrain from participating in AirDropes that ask you to deposit money, and finally check the opinions of others. These will help you to avoid potential losses due to scams in AirDrop and enjoy earning money from AirDrop safely.

An example of a successful airdrop

Finding airdrops is not a difficult task. There are many sites that introduce airdrops. Some of them train users more accurately and in more detail, and some are weaker. However, this is a new and unknown business and many referrals and reference sites are not aware of many cases and reach results during their activities. But these reference sites try to scrutinize AirDrops more carefully so that users are less threatened and make money faster. One of the good sites is airdropsteam.com, which operates in Iran. Provides complete and accurate information to users to operate more easily and quickly. But in the following, we are going to introduce an example of airdrops that spend money daily for marketing and increasing its users. The application, which provides the latest articles in the field of blockchain and cryptocurrencies, distributes up to 4 bitcoins per day among its users, but according to our study, due to the low activity of some users, it is distributed less than this amount. But if the activities are done seriously, you can probably make about $ 400 in 30 days.

The method is that after entering the site, download the application and register in the application and submit articles.
Read and invite your friends to join this application, and for each activity of you and your friends, points will be assigned, the equivalent of which will be credited to your Bitcoin account at the end of the day. You can download the application from the link below and start earning money from AirDrop.

A final word on how to make money from Airdrop

If you want to make good money from airdrops, you need to spend a few hours a day working on different airdrops. You can earn from $ 300-400 to 4-5 thousand dollars depending on your activities and spending a few hours a day. It should be noted that this type of activity will not have a revenue ceiling and after getting the results, you will definitely do more. Each air therapy that starts has either a time limit for its end or a certain number of users. This may happen in 2-3 weeks and maybe 2-3 months, so as mentioned earlier, you need to be patient to succeed so that the tokens will be credited to your account over time.

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